Skin Fitness Therapy


Skin Fitness Therapy

Skin Fitness Therapy is an innovative skin care company founded by Christina Church in 1996. She became a licensed esthetician in 1991. Christina’s vision was to produce a line with all natural treatments, green friendly and scientifically advanced correctives that give dramatic results using less invasive methodology or approach. She is a pioneer in the manufacturing of skin care products using the research of "Chiral" technology.

When Christina began creating products for physicians to help accelerate healing for patients who were having laser, deep peels and other surgical procedures, her dream of having her own Company of effective help for skin was born. Christina’s cutting edge work in the Esthetic Industry has garnered her recognition as an industry leader and respected educator in the specific area of corrective skin care.

Her passion for research has led her to many successful alliances; she has secured the finest biochemist to develop her “Skin Fitness Therapy” line. Many have sought her advice. Skin Fitness Therapy...Pure and Simple is now in top resorts, medical facilities, spas and day spas.


Corrective Results – Driven Solutions By SKIN FITNESS THERAPY

Skin Fitness Therapy is a chirally correct product infused with all natural and organic ingredients intended to target both the epidermis and skin receptors at the cellular level stimulating its natural ability to crave nutrients. The advanced selection of vitamins, fruit pulps, enzymes, and acid corrective skin solution components we choose, reshape the skin. They support our performance serums, healing and repairing serums built of intense hydration along with potent and highly active peels that not only encourage skin renewal but re-energize and re-capture the youthful, radiant complexion. Our products don’t just sit on the skin, they totally transform it. We utilize an assortment of systems and specialty elements that relate synergistically to remedy the most common and visible skin disorders in adult and teen skin. The experts at Skin Fitness Therapy believe that everyone deserves the correct treatment regimen for their particular skin condition.

Address these concerns with
Skin Fitness Therapy Corrective Skin Solutions:

Loss of Elasticity & Tone
Aging / Fine Line Wrinkles
Acne: Grades 1 - 4
Back Acne
Acne Scars
Photo Damage
Hyper-Pigmentation, Dullness
Post Inflammatory / Hyperactive Pigmentation
Razor Bumps
Oily Skin / Problematic Skin
Rosacea, Sensitive Skin


The Science

Skin Fitness Therapy combines the best of natural ingredients with scientifically based formulas. Our goal at Skin Fitness Therapy is to provide you with advanced skin care backed by scientific evidence utilizing a natural selection of ingredients in a pure, clean formula. Our formulas are free from chemical fillers, sodium lauryl sulfates, propylene gylocol and parabens.

One of our methods of manufacturing is with "Chiral Technology". This is a process of purification that extracts the purest form of positive molecules and eliminates the negative molecules(that can cause damage and irritation) out of an ingredient providing the proper fit into the skin's receptors for repairing and maintaining healthy skin with less irritation.

With "Chiral Technology", our formulas are four times more active than regular products for quicker, more dramatic results.